Data Recovery From Pen Drive Tool

Data Recovery From Pen Drive Tool 3.0

A pen drive recovery software has the ability to combat data loss from pen drive (See all)

There are certain mystifying circumstances that when you try to open your pen drive file, it shows an error. However, the scenario remarks that the file is corrupted or damaged due to some reason. This file can be the most important data, which you desperately want it back. Significantly, Quick Recovery software for pen drive data recovery is your helping hand. This perfect application is apt to your situation, as it comprises quality features and advanced technology of salvaging data.
Some of the common issues of pen drive data loss are: virus attack, accidental deletion of files, accidental formatting of the pen drive, sudden power failure, hard disk crashing, and so on. The quick recovery software possesses the capability of rescuing data from all these losses.
It is very easy to download, then it is required to be installed, and later the user has to select the recovery mode. After performing these three steps, the software begins scanning and provide a preview of files that needs to be restored. All kinds of files are recovered, supports Unicode multilingual, cloning and imaging of formatted partitions is done, manages bad sectors, etc.
Quick Recovery's Pen Drive Data Recovery Software supports the following Data Media: Compact flash card, Memory stick, MMC multimedia card, USB drives, SD mini, Smart card,Secure digital card, SD micro, Smart media, XD picture card, Jump drive, Jet flash, Thumb drive.
Moreover, a user can also download a demo version first. As a demo will give a brief overview, how the software works. However, it will not completely restore all the files. To get the files permanently back, avail Quick Recovery software, which is a risk-free utility.

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